Welcome . . . come on in and sit a spell. I’ll pull up a rocking chair in front of the fire on this January night and tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Betty Glaz, a senior citizen, who is a published writer, though not in anything you’ve heard of.
I am actively trying to get a memoir about my father and our family published and I’m working on an as yet untitled novel about an Elvis impersonator. I also write poetry.found a little round house in Rome Anyone from Indiana? That’s where I spent the first 21 years of my life, up until the time of my marriage to a wonderful man. For Christmas my sister gave me a pillow shaped like the state of Indiana with a red heart in the center. That’s how I feel about the state where I left my heart. Yes, I’m a loyal Hoosier and I watch all the Indiana college basketball teams played on television
We have lived in South Carolina for nearly 38 years. I like being here except during the miserably hot months of July and August. That’s when I go online and search for a place in the mountains around Asheville, North Carolina.
Today is my grandson’s 10th birthday. He was very happy to get a set of “big boy” tools – a hammer, wire cutters, a drill, and other tools that will make him feel like a man.
That’s enough for tonight for it is late and I am tired and sleepy. Till next time, good night. Peace to all.

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