The yard is starting to look very colorful with perennials and annuals planted everywhere. Pink impatiens and hostas  are in the shady spots under the trees. One of my favorite flowers is heliotrope, planted in pots under the wax myrtle tree. I love its rich purple and vanilla fragrance blooms.  You’ll find me bending over to inhale their fragrance quite often.

Since I no longer have any pets, I planted a purple foxglove in the front yard and it looks gorgeous. As is well known, foxglove is poisonous, containing digitoxin (which is used to treat certain heart conditions, though with the disadvantage that the difference between an ineffective dose and a fatal one is rather narrow). It also contains digoxigenin, a compound with important applications in molecular biology.

Inside a foxglove flower, on the upper surface, two yellow rod-shaped pollinia (pollen-bearing structures) are visible. Bumble-bees can often be seen going in and out of foxglove flowers; the pollinia deposit some pollen on their backs.

My foxglove came to a sad ending after my spouse inadvertently sprayed weed killer too close to it. The foxglove died. End of chapter!

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