March Madness

March Madness is in the air! Do you feel it?
Is your bracket busted? Mine was from the very first round of games. But, I don’t mind. I just enjoy watching college basketball played by amateurs, unlike the NBA.
For the uninitiated, March Madness is a series of basketball games played by the top 64 colleges and universities in various regions of the country. It culminates with the two best teams playing in the National Championship in Phoenix on April 3rd. It’s slipping over into the next month for some reason.
There have many numerous upsets so far this month such as Duke losing to South Carolina, a Cinderella team, that I hope goes all the way. Perennial small-college Butler is still in it as is the University of Kentucky. Vegas is going crazy with bets.
Starting today, March 23, the “Sweet Sixteen” will be narrowed down to the “Final Four” by the end of the weekend. Sales of chicken wings and beer will skyrocket.
I wish game tickets weren’t so expensive. I’d love to see a game or two in person. But, we would have to take a second mortgage on our home to do so. My husband and I plan to chill out and watch the remaining games on TV, so don’t even think about phoning when they are being televised. We won’t answer the phone.
Go Gamecocks!

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