Robotics are used quite extensively in the automotive industry. For example, robots can easily weld in small places where human hands cannot reach. But, robot lawn mowers?
Yes, they have arrived, thanks to some creative geniuses. You can mow your yard with some while you sleep. Most are very quiet and are perfect for those with aging and arthritic issues. Some even stop when it starts to rain. Some are small and automatically return to their chargers. They avoid yard obstacles and stop when they are picked up. Some require a pin number to start; others operate by smart phones. All are mulching mowers, returning grass clipping to the lawn. The smaller ones are lightweight — easy on the back for programming these hard-working models.
There is a larger mower that can climb steep banks and cut down tall weeds and grasses. Pretty amazing, eh?
These mowers are not cheap but are probably worth the cost so you can avoid pushing a lawn mower in the approaching dog days of summer.
McCulloch, Husqvarna, and even John Deere are prominent manufacturers. Do a Google search for “robot mowers” and discover an entire new world of information.
Happy mowing, everyone.

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