Gardening Tools

At Betty Glaz are confined to go one step further in providing quality and durability in all our gardening tools raging from shovels to pruners, and much more. We possess innovative and well-crafted gardening tool range, from the most renowned brands of horticulture industry.

Gardening Tools

“Digging in the dirt’, is what I inherited from my ancestors, who were passionate and hardworking farmers. Four years of my childhood were spent on an Indiana farm, from where the instinct of being a tough worker developed. Initially my dad possessed only two huge Percheron draft horses who served the land, and my mother had an acre of gardening land. However, gradually there was enough revenue generated to own a Farmall tractor, to improve farming standards.

Garden Hand Tools

extensive range of garden hand tools to fulfil your utility including pruners, trowels, soil knives and more

Garden Knives

for the processes of plantation, our exclusive garden and horihori knives are the right choice.

Garden Hoes

tough garden hoes for weeding and cultivating purpose will perfectly complement the utility of gardeners.

Garden Spades & Shovels

a variety of shop round point, square point, and sawtooth shovels and garden spades.

Garden & Hand Pruners

diversified range of garden and hand pruners for expertise cutting of plants.

Garden & Hand Pruners

Shop our big selection of hedge shears and trimmers, hedge clippers, plus grass shears and edgers.

Weeding Tools

trim off the pesky weeds from field with our effective weeding tools.

Garden Rakes

to swiftly clean leaves and debris from gardens, we have the highest quality garden rakes.


with our multi-purpose pitchforks, moving mulch and straw leaves is no more a hassle for field workers

Scoop Shovels

these exclusive scoop shovels can handle absolutely everything with great care.

Outdoor Power Equipment

to minimize the outdoor labor, our cordless trimmers, blowers, leaf shredder and power tillers are ready to aid the user

Garden Trowels

technically manufactured scooping, digging, cutting and planting trowels are of great help in the field.

Planting Tools

Betty Glaz’s planting tools are all ready to prepare your soil for quality gardening.

Pruning Saws

to help gardeners prune tall plants and trees, we have a variety of pruning saws

Garden Loppers

a vast range of loppers are specifically designed to treat tall bushes and tree branches with tactfulness.

Edging Tools

these handy and time-saving weeding, and edging tools are the best choice for yard and garden.

Garden Tool Sets

multi-functional garden tool sets to accommodate all utilities like planting and digging with great efficiency.

Garden Harvest Tools

variety of tools including ladders and sifters, to fulfil the purpose of picking, gathering, and measuring the harvest

Garden Sprayers

to treat herbicides, our easy to use garden sprays and applicators are the best choice.

Kids Gardening Tools & Gifts

keeping the little helpers engage in gardening, we have the right sized tools and accessories to satisfy their demands

Snow Shovels

extensive range of high quality snow shovels, scoops, pushers, scrapers and much more are available to assist you.

Grafting Tools

to aid your gardening process further, Betty Glaz provides you budding and grafting tools, knives, tapes and easy hand-tying machines.

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